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Alles Reden ist sinnlos,
wenn das Vertrauen fehlt.
Franz Kafka (* 1883 - † 1924)

Advisor and Coach

With over 30 years of business experience in a wide variety of tasks, I am well-positioned to define and analyze complex corporate structures and problems in a very short time. One of my main customers stated: “With his hands-on mentality and seniority, Herbert Baumann is a very valuable coach and partner for any management. Based on his experience he is able to support us in making strategic and operative decisions.”

My support includes:

  • Evaluation and discussion of financial statements
  • Identification of risks and measures to control them
  • Support with strategic decisions
  • Best practice from similar assignments and projects
  • Facilitation in very complex situations of conflict

My support is available as a coach for a specific corporate situation, in periodic meetings and workshops, or as an advisor.